2019 in Review!

08.01.2020 02:59 AM

2020 has come and it is surreal! Back then in my high school, I calculated at what age I would be when I can see flying cars. But I guess I have to keep on dreaming, right?

Aah... 2019, what a year indeed... A year when countless celebrities got married and divorced, just like any other year. In hindsight, they’re normal people too, just part of the statistics. People just care more about them because they’re famous.

But I digress. We’re here to talk about Aplikasi! A lot has happened in just one year, but there are other things that we wished they would happen faster. Well, maybe 2020 will be the year for those things, who knows?

Right, 2019. For starters, we’ve officially registered as a recruitment agency (Agensi Pekerjaan). That means, we can start supplying maids and call centre agents now! But no, that’s not why we got it. We did it because we wanted to meet the permanent position demands for SAP consultants as well. So if you’re an SAP consultant reading this piece, yes, we are open for business for permanent positions. For this, we take in Zakri to spearhead it. Another biker in the gang, yes!

Secondly, yes, for those who have followed us, we had 2 interns in 2018. But in 2019, they had to leave us and go pursue their careers. Even when we are physically separated, we still keep in touch. Asya, our HR intern for example, had a wonderful start and is now working in a rather big company. She’s now engaged too! As for Amy, we’re a little bit jealous seeing her enjoying life. But hey, do enjoy it while you have the time!

Next, for the first time ever, we had Remyjoining us as the Fullstack Developer! He’s a cool guy to befriend, honestly. But sadly, he had to say goodbye when he found a better opportunity. We still go out and drink together though, sometimes.

Afterward, we searched and searched and finally found Azmir, our bright and insightful Frontend Developer. He was so proactive when he applied and that swept us right away. It’s a shame that I didn’t get to interview him though. But it all went well, so, no complaint there. And did you know, he was a debater back in his university? I mean, technical people don’t always strike us as the debaters, do they?

Not long after, Alijoined us as the Senior Backend Developer. Just weeks after he did so, we realized that those who became a part of our family are all wacky in their own ways; no matter what age we are. Ali loves to collect (and find) Pokemon whenever he has some free time. It helps him become more physically active. Can’t argue that.

Oh and I forgot to mention Izah. She’s our finance intern, directly under Omar’s supervision. She may look shy and reserved at first, but like we said, everybody is wacky, no exception. A fast learner with a can-do attitude. Definitely a worthy candidate, I bet you.

And just yesterday we got another intern, a marketing intern, yes, finally! His name is Jonathan but he prefers Jo. I personally look forward to this engagement as I would be free (or so I would think)!

What else? Oh, we've gone to Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) by MaGIC, that was fun and enlightening. Sharil did so well to get us in the final 10 spots!

Anyway, stay tuned for this new year! Fun fact, 2020 is not the start of a new decade, it's the end. 2021 would be the start. Boom, fun killed.