Asking for a Raise You Deserve!

By - Aliya
31.08.2021 11:04 PM

Quick question, why do you think it's hard to negotiate salary? Is it really that sensitive to discuss this matter with your superiors and bosses at work? Will you appear as being pushy for asking for more?


Dwelling on this will only hinder you from the pay you deserve. Come on, you have been excelling in your area of work, a raise will definitely be a good form of reward! Time to get rid of this stigma, here’s how you should go about negotiating for higher pay.


Prepare Yourself

Randomly going up to your boss’s office to discuss this matter without making any preparations will only leave you feeling disappointed later. Regardless of how good your relationship is with the big boss, you need to seriously look back into your work and performance. Furthermore, be sure to know your worth so you have a clear idea of the amount you deserve to be paid for the job you are doing.  


Find the Right Time

There is always time and place for everything. You want a raise, you will need to find out if the company is doing well enough to be able to pay the amount you are requesting. With the current Covid-19 pandemic that is taking place, a lot of businesses and companies suffer from major losses thus making many employees take pay cuts in order to sustain.


Then again, that does not mean that you shouldn’t ask for better pay at all. Search for indicators that your company is doing well before you decide on asking.


Know what to say

How do you get started on this conversation with your superior? Do you go, “Hey boss, can I ask for better pay?”. Oh boy, you better not do that! The easiest way to begin is to say something like “I am interested to discuss more on my current salary, is now an appropriate time?”.


Now, you don’t need to come up with a script for this. As long as you are clear and specific on your target, then you will do great! Let the superior know of your desired salary amount during the discussion.


Justify your raise

During the discussion, don’t just demand. Justify your desired salary and prove your worth to your superior. What have you contributed to the company so far? This would be a good time to bring up some of your best work. Present your latest achievements and value you brought that perhaps have increased income for the company. Link them back to the reasons why you deserve the salary you are proposing.


Non-monetary incentives

As much as you’re eager to get a raise, your superior could end up turning down your request. Don’t beat yourself up, you could consider asking for non-monetary incentives as an alternative. Employee benefits aren’t just monetary, you may request extra perks as well. Perhaps flexible working hours or additional off days may do you good while working at the company.


As nerve-wrecking as this whole experience can be, don’t wait too long to ask for a raise! Remember, there is nothing wrong with requesting one, especially if you have been good and consistent with your performance at work.