How To Fight Monday's Blues?

19.11.2019 03:29 AM

Or any other day's blues at all? Working might not be the one thing we all want to do the most. It might even be the last thing we wanna do but we still have to them, bummer. More so if your job needs you to be in front of your computer all the time, leaning forward, crushing your neck and back, squinting your eyes, hurting your vision day in and day out. Knowing that we will face this daily, we might get discouraged to even get out of the bed at all. With that being said, how to fight it?


1.  Remind yourself of the main objective

You might not be working your dream job right now or even if you are, things may get slow every now and then. But when you feel low, remind yourself of the main objective of going to work everyday and why is it important for you to perform. Maybe you have mouths to feed, mortgage to pay, you know, responsibilities, the usual things, or maybe you're aiming for a particular spot, or maybe, just maybe, you've been eyeing for that Lego Millenium Falcon for a long time and it would be nice if you can afford it, just saying.

2. Exercise

Lame, isn't it? But do you know, research has shown that exercise gives more happiness than money? Don't look much into it, just believe it. Scientifically, those who exercise regularly have (obviously) better physical being, good psychological state and higher productivity. A steady flow of dopamine you get from exercising literally get you going in the morning and throughout the day. Even better than coffee.

 3. Know that work is not everything

As it shouldn't be. Sure, you want to be useful but a job is not a guarantee of that. If you are not the boss, know that you are working to make somebody else richer. Work shouldn't affect your personal affairs and it shouldn't make you worse, mentally and physically. Sure, that's one of the things we get for working, but don't let it take over you.  

4. Have some rest

And let yourself free from the things that make you stressed out. Take a vacation, spend that time with your beloved family and spend that money you earned from working for God's sake. If you have someone you love, you'll agree that it is more rewarding spending it on them rather than yourself. And have some rest between the hours too. Take a 10-minute break for every 2 hours you've worked. Stretch yourself, do some light exercises, have a cuppa, maybe a nap, and then move along. It'll improve your efficiency and efficacy, really, scientifically proven too. 

So that's all people! 4 easy things you can do to fight Monday's blues! But we might have missed some points ourselves. Care to contribute? Tell us if you have any more tips!