ICT Workforce Outlook in Malaysia

21.01.2019 04:12 PM

I read somewhere that the most valuable commodity in the world is no longer oil, but data. But that's all, I just read that sentence, no more, no less. It might be true, though, seeing how the world is rapidly shifting towards new technologies. Industry 4.0 is more than a trend. It's a stream of progression and should we choose to ignore it, we are sure to drown in it rather than riding the forward pace.

In LinkedIn for example, the most sought skill in the world by employers is related to cloud technologies. But, do Malaysia share the same trend? Find out what employers are looking for in Malaysia and maybe with this info, you can use it to your advantage!

So, did you gain something today? Well, after doing this infographics, I must say, ICT grads do have it good for themselves. But, nothing will be gained if you simply think you are that marketable. Apart from the technical skills, employers do appreciate soft skills such as problem-solving skills and good communication skills.

Do your best and we at Aplikasi wish you good luck!