Leaderships You Can Learn From Game of Thrones

19.04.2019 04:00 AM

Whoa whoa whoa... Season 8 is already on the way and 'GoT' has become a taboo everywhere (most likely because they don't want spoilers!). We are pretty excited ourselves, not gonna deny it and we hate to become the spoilers. Worry not, these will not spoil anything, unless you haven't watch season 1-7 of course (but who hasn't, right?)

So, let's jump right on it.

Iron fist is temptingly effective, but not sustainable

We can see this type of 'leadership' in the rule of the Aerys II, The Mad King. His fathers before him had ruled the 7 kingdoms primarily because of their power over the legendary dragons. His once prosperous kingdom became a hell quickly when he turned the land red with his madness. People bowed to him and he was feared across the continent. But, it didn't last long did it?

And although Queen Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms... (My God you know who she is) did say she is not her father, her uprising to become the ruler of the land seems iron fist enough to us. 

Ironic isn't it? Way to prove your point Daenerys, bravo. Burning people to ashes when they refuse to 'bend the knee' is reallllly proving a point, no doubt.

Yes, we agree, it will bring you where you want to be fast, but it will not make you stay there long. So, leaders out there, think; do you want to get there fast, or do you want to stay there long?

Those who give, receive the most

Ah.. the 'cooler' side of the hemisphere. Yes, we talked about the Fire Queen, now, let's look at the Ice Prince; Jon Snow, The King of The North... (yep, that's it).

Throughout the saga, Jon Snow has done nothing but give, and give, and give. He gave up his family to serve the Night's Watch, he gave up his position as the Lord Commander, he even gave up his life to save the whole damn human civilisation, literally! 

And even after being crowned king; the most prized position he had so far, arguably, he still nonchalantly passed that to his sister ( I don't know if I could ever do that!). But every time he gives, he gets more.

His focus was and still is the survivability of the human race and never power and position. He doesn't impose on other people and he doesn't force his subject to follow him. Their loyalty is voluntary, and people seems to be moved by everything he says and does. He wants the best for his friends and families, he is not afraid to sacrifice himself and he is constantly trying to be the moderator, the middle man, the pacifier if you will; uniting people with differences to fight a common enemy.

A good leader should follow what Aegon (wait, what?) has done so far. His leadership thus far has brought benefits to those who willingly follow him. Looking at the bigger picture and not fixating on power do help you to become a better leader. Although, you do have to know some things here and there. Jon Snow? he knows nothing.

Well, that's it. yes, we don't want to go into depth with other characters. If we do, we might as well write to Wikia ourselves right? There are two different style here; do you want to be a taker like the mother of all titles in the world, or are you good enough to be a giver like the rightful ruler of the 7 kingdoms?

Tell us your choice in comment section below!