Leaving 2018 in Style!

04.01.2019 02:25 AM
Fuh...... a long sigh indeed, just let me get it out there. 2018 has been a good year generally. Ups and downs are typical but it is a year worth mentioning. I think there are notable things to be written for 2017 too, but then again, Aplikasi didn’t have a writer to do it then; that’s me. So, one of the biggest things worth mentioning this year is me joining Aplikasi, yeayyy, cheer people, cheer! Just kidding, it’s just normal, having a writer on board. Nothing special. Even CEOs and founders are doing this themselves (or do they leave it to their writers and just put their names on it? Hmmm). This year is the year of many firsts for us. Last year, we moved to our own first office in UOA Business Park, finally, from a cramped and claustrophobic ‘office’ (a room, is more fitting). It’s an MSC-status building, it’s comfortable, we have our own pantry, our own balcony, eat that, and still enough space to offer co-working space to our beloved SAP consultants. So yeah, it is a pretty big thing for us. We have Sharil joining and strengthening the team early this year and our marketing effort has never been so good. His insights and experience are indeed very valuable in making aplikasi more visible out there. And then I joined; you know the rest. Then, aplikasi.us (beta) was launched in June and we couldn’t be happier! This is the brainchild of Azlan and with all the effort put in by everybody in the team, we finally have our first online platform for SAP consultants! As of now, we have over 300+ SAP consultants registered with us and we are looking forward to the number to grow next year. The beta is expected to end in Q1 this year so you know what it means. Yes, we will be having an upgrade to the platform! As our partner’s hashtag says, #AwesomeToLegendary. We are actively developing the website, designing, testing, adding functions, modifying things, etc., you know, the usual (and unusual) stuffs. I am personally so excited about this and so should you! (Jangan syok sendiri wehh) As more and more projects coming in, Azlan just can’t handle it alone so we searched and searched for the best person to do the talent search for Azlan and this is when Aaron (his glamour name so to speak) comes in. He’s indeed trouble for the company. Last month we discovered that he brought in so many projects and business to the company so much so that we have too many consultants to pay! But yes, it’s a good problem though, and what a performance I must say. As we speak, we are actively searching for yet another recruiter to help Aaron because everything is getting out of hand and we just love that trouble since Aaron came in. No more extravagant expenditure, Azlan said at this point. But what’s this? Another partner managing the consulting wing that will undeniably put a hole in our pocket? Getting Amat aboard was indeed shocking but he immediately proved his worth; bringing in big projects right away and with his large network, having him on the ship is surely a good investment. We thought that we were done but as things go, we realised that we need to grow our team. For example, Azlan is so busy, that he was thinking about getting all the unnecessary load off his shoulders. So we interviewed a potential candidate for our IT executive to take over all the IT thingy from Azlan and help us in the website’s development. It’s funny how Azlan, the founder, the top tier personnel, is also the IT guy (yes, this is his load right now).... Haha..get it? So ironic... More good news as we’ve confirmed 2 interns for the coming 2019! With the Junior Recruiter and the 2 interns, Amirah will be so happy the office is no longer a testosterone-filled bunker. Finally, somebody who can relate to her (hopefully). Don’t worry girls, you are up for a good experience in the working world, and maybe look forward to seeing Amirah in a new light when you play badminton or ping pong with her. To summarise it all, you can watch this video I have prepared using a software Omar loves to hate because he had to pay for it. https://youtu.be/EprSfOFB1GY So, yeah, you could say we are doing great. From 3 people last in 2017, to 11 (Oh no, does that means we have to be registered with HRDF?) early this year and that’s a hell of a growth if you ask me. This year will be exciting and equally challenging and we look forward to it and so should you. Want to join us? Well, what are you waiting for?