Pay cut to work remotely, is it necessary?

By - Aliya
28.10.2021 12:24 PM

Pay cut to work remotely, is it necessary?

What's your take on taking a pay cut to work remotely? Is it acceptable to be paid less as you aren't physically present at the office or should you be paid equally? This matter will most likely become a reoccurring issue especially amongst remote employees.


Working remotely is a 'thing' now. All this while, it was deemed impossible to get your work done if you are not at the office but turns out we have been proven wrong. Then again, the biggest concern in many employers' minds is trust and productivity.


"Can I count on them to actually get their jobs done?", well, can you? Undeniably, you may encounter some unpleasant situations but that does not mean you should be suspicious of your employees.


When trust isn't there, another issue arises - the need for a pay cut. Plenty of employees receive lower pay as soon as they start working remotely. Reason being, not having to go to the office means less work and lower productivity.


A study by Stanford University shows that remote employees are even more productive than working from offices. Why? They have relaxed routines which indirectly leads to increased focus as well as amount of work hours.

Nonetheless, relaxed routine isn't a free ticket for you to take advantage of your 9 to 5 jobs though. Prove to the employers that you are committed to your work, that's how trust is built.


At this point, practicing flexible working arrangements should be taken into consideration. In fact, having such policies makes your company more attractive in the eyes of many jobseekers out there. After all, you want to attract the best talent right?


Apart from that, employers get to save, big time. First off, you no longer need to rent a huge workspace now that most of your employees work remotely. Next, granting flexibility to employees will put a smile on their faces. Happier employees mean they stay longer thus, increased retention.


The Covid-19 pandemic, in a way, has shown that employees do perform excellently even while working from home. Hence, shouldn't they be paid for their time and effort regardless of their work locations? At the end of the day, you hire your employees based on their skills and experience, not from where they live