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Why Digitisation and Digitilisation Is Important For Your Business?

19.02.2019 03:39 AM By Nik Khairul - Comment(s)

Whoa whoa whoa... Here we thought ‘digitisation’ and ‘digitalisation’ is the same thing! Well, not gonna lie, I still have difficulties to spell them out when I put them together in a sentence; often because I mistook one for another.

The word ‘digital’ is no longer alien to us, undeniably. The first...

BGC: The teacher we need, but not the one we deserve

18.12.2018 02:56 AM By Nik Khairul - Comment(s)

As a 25-year-old, working with international professionals is a new thing for me. Sure, I’ve interacted with people from other countries back when I was an undergraduate, and maybe occasionally on Facebook and Youtube comment section (OK, maybe when I was playing DOTA too, whatever), but working and...