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Zoho CRM makes the teamwork

23.02.2021 03:21 AM By Nik Khairul - Comment(s)

Teamwork makes the dream work. Oh yes, now that we are currently battling a pandemic we would need alternatives to get jobs done and what other options do we have than the none other, technology.

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Communication above all, remains the most crucial element in getting things to progress consistently. You...

Leaderships You Can Learn From Game of Thrones

19.04.2019 04:00 AM By Nik Khairul - Comment(s)

Whoa whoa whoa... Season 8 is already on the way and 'GoT' has become a taboo everywhere (most likely because they don't want spoilers!). We are pretty excited ourselves, not gonna deny it and we hate to become the spoilers. Worry not, these will not spoil anything, unless you haven't watch season 1...