Pay cut to work remotely, is it necessary?

28.10.2021 12:24 PM By Aliya - Comment(s)
Pay cut to work remotely, is it necessary?

What's your take on taking a pay cut to work remotely? Is it acceptable to be paid less as you aren't physically present at the office or should you be paid equally? This matter will most likely become a reoccurring issue especially amongst remote employees.


Asking for a Raise You Deserve!

31.08.2021 11:04 PM By Aliya - Comment(s)
Asking for a Raise You Deserve!

Quick question, why do you think it's hard to negotiate salary? Is it really that sensitive to discuss this matter with your superiors and bosses at work? Will you appear as being pushy for asking for more?


Dwelling on this will only hinder you from the pay you deserve. Come on, you have been e...

Job hunting? Reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn

27.08.2021 02:49 PM By Aliya - Comment(s)
Job hunting? Reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn

Which job seeker are you - the one who scans through job postings or send in the application straight to companies? Now, you are missing out on another useful tip that could bring a whole lot of difference to your job hunting experience, and that is, reaching out to the recruiters. 


Don't Sign Immediately! Double Check your Offer Letter first!

22.07.2021 04:40 PM By Aliya - Comment(s)

It's always truly exciting isn't it, receiving your most awaited job offer letter! After going through many stages of the application, you might want to straight away place your signature and return it to the hiring manager.


Hold your horses! Don't let the excitement blind you from missing out...

Security, the top IT funding priority

05.05.2021 09:22 PM By Aliya - Comment(s)

What is your company currently focusing on now? Is it looking into expanding its size or perhaps heading for digital transformation? Regardless of how the company is evolving, any sort of change or improvement requires funding.


Even if you have come up with a super-duper transformation plan, it...